internationalactors: why talent agents are so damn important

Yep, talent agent, it’s a fairly broad term, it’s a person who finds a job for an Actor.
Talent agent, he’s kind of the embodiment of what you would expect an agent to be. He’s a WOLF. He’s really the type of person that you would like to be represented by, because he negotiates on behalf of his client. He goes and he tries to get the best roles for his client.
In general, the agent, what he does is he goes out and he finds jobs for his clients. He supports and he promotes his clients to the casting director.
Talent agent is trying to balance between promoting his clients, and finding the best person for the role that the casting director is looking for.
The talent agent, he is not doing his best work by providing the casting directors the people that they are not necessarily asking for. 
When there is a negotiating about stuff, agent is not necessarily thinking about this specific project and getting the most amount of money for it, but he is thinking about long-term, like what’s beneficial for both parties.
Michael Hall