internationalactors: the importance of making a good tape

Huge Congratulations to my actor MIKHAIL BOUTCHINE for booking a great role from a self tape in a popular AMERICAN TV series.
One more time I would love to mention the importance of making a good tape. These days, more and more casting directors are asking actors to submit self-taped auditions. So the self-tape is a skill set you should look to master. Some few instructions how to do it right. 
For a tape you will need: a video camera, a computer with an internet connection, a light source. The format needs to be MP4 ideally, though AVCHD is also okay. If you’re in a hurry you can also film yourself on a phone. Be sure to film in landscape, not portrait! Files have to be sent to the casting director via the WeTransfer or Vimeo with the password, depending on the requirements. To light yourself properly, use natural light if you can. Ensure that background noise is kept to a minimum and that the camera is at eye-level. Learn your lines and rehearse. Read any instructions thoroughly. Get a friend to read in the other lines if necessary. Make sure about your clothing. Dark colors are preferable without any prints and stupid phrases. It’s not necessary to rent a costume. Don't worry too much about the action in the scene - they want to see your performance. Your eye line should be close to the camera as they want to see both sides of your face. Frame in a mid-close shot unless requested otherwise (chest to top of head).Don’t do too many takes - If you can’t get it in 3 takes, take some time out, then try again. Label the clips with your name first, add the project title, agent and scene. Finally it’s time for the fun part! It is still acting, and we love to act. Have fun, relax, and get ready to do what you were born to do. The ability to make a good self-taped audition will affect your Acting Career! from SPOTLIGHT