internationalactors: post-audition self care

Matthew Jacobs about the importance of mental health (and how to do it well!) after you've had that all important audition. If you’re anything like me, you’ll go into a head spin after an audition. Particularly if it was something you were really excited about. You’ll obsess about whether your handshake was too firm, whether they noticed that you called a character “Tim” instead of “Tom”, and you’ll list all the things you could’ve done differently. We all agree on one thing: it’s not healthy! I started acting when I was 14, so have probably had close to 100 post-audition experiences like this. It’s only been in the past few years that I have figured out how to properly decompress and take care of my mental wellbeing in the aftermath of an audition. Here are some things that I do in order to avoid sleepless nights and to help me to let go.
1. Purge
Throw everything away.
As soon as you walk out of the audition room, throw away the sides, delete the script, and move the email from your agent to your trash folder (or at least a separate folder from your inbox). Otherwise you’ll read it again and again and fantasise about when you get the job. If you get recalled or offered the part, they’ll send everything over again anyway. It means that any further movement on it will come as a pleasant surprise.
2. Distraction
Plan something for immediately after the audition to take your mind off of it.
For me, the hours following an audition are a key time for self-doubt to manifest yourself. 3. Don’t Tell Anyone
Don’t go around telling everyone about your potential job.If your friends, like mine, are supportive, they’ll ask for updates, which will only make you feel rubbish if you haven’t heard anything.4. Don’t Google/IMDb the Project!
Don’t Google the project to see who got the part! 5. Communicate With Your Agent
Ask them to find out an answer either way. A “no” is much better for your mental health than staying in limbo.6. Be Realistic. 7. Put Things in Perspective. Although the industry is the centre of our world, it is important to remember that many other worlds exist…