internationalactors: in acting should you lie about your age?...

Sandra Bullock had lied about her real age at the castings. She was discovered that she was not a 19 year old actress who was going to play a 14 year old, but actually a 25 year old actress who had lied.
The sad end to this tale is that she was fired and the soap have decided to recast. The first thing anyone in the casting world will see your age upon is your headshot. Your headshot needs to reflect you as you are and to give an idea of what kind of age range they can cast you in.
Make sure your headshot looks like you. Never retouch the photograph to make you look younger than you are. Just make sure the photos look like you! When we create our acting CV we choose to leave off our actual age, after all it is up to the casting director to decide if we are young/old enough to play the role.
Your ‘playing age’ – this is the age range which you can convincingly play on stage or screen. Think honestly about your playing age and then use that on your CV.
To What can you do if they ask you the all important question ‘How old are you really?’ – there is no point in getting defensive or in answering with the smart ‘How old do you think I am’.
In this case honesty would be the best policy. Could that cost you the job? Yes, quite possibly, but Casting directors will choose actors who look the part.
If you get a call for a casting which makes you worry about being asked how old you are at the casting, speak to your agent and ask for their advice. By being honest you will win the respect of the casting director and if you are great they will remember you for something else Remember it is totally your choice what you say at a casting. It is always up to you to decide what you want to say. On the pictures is my actor DAVID MKHITAREL (shots were made same year).