internationalactors: Have you ever tried to define the comfort zone?

Have you ever tried to define the comfort zone? It’s that place that you don’t like, but you’re afraid to change. You know you’re supposed to do greater things. You want to be more successful. You need to make a change. Still, the comfort zone is like a disease that kills your ability to make that change. You feel comfortable because you have a vision of how your day, week and year are going to end. Sooner or later, something inside is telling us that we were not born to be comfortable. We were made for challenges – both on a personal and professional level. Successful people never stop learning. In order to bring a change in this world, one has to possess powerful beliefs, creativity, the will to learn, and the courage to take action. Successful people perceive life as a journey towards growth, which they achieve through knowledge and personal progress. Sometimes they fail. Failure is part of the journey, and it’s not devastating as long as it doesn’t push you into a comfort zone. As long as you keep trying, you’ll go towards improvement. The feeling of comfort is fake. People who are deeply chained in the state of comfort find different ways to put the blame on someone else. God, karma, bad luck, and mostly – other people. YOU ARE responsible for what happens to your life. Famous people are not lucky. They did something to deserve other people’s respect. They did that because they were brave enough to take risks and set huge personal and professional challenges.When you believe you can do something, you’ll find the strength to do it. Comfort is bad. It keeps you inactive and unwilling. Challenges are beautiful.

So I tryed to overcome my water fear and go out of comfort zone. This was a great experience! You work for comfort but staying in a comfort zone is very bad. From Dumblittleman.