internationalactors: dear actors, learn the languages!

It was MAGIC to meet my actress SHUYA CHANG at the airport in Mallorka just some hours before her flight. Was happy to meet you, my beautiful actress! SHUYA is based in NY, fluent in German, English (several accents), Mandarin. We had a great coffee together discussing our plans and how is it important to know the languages for the international actor. 
Dear Actors! 
LEARN THE LANGUAGES !!! The film industry has grown exponentially in the past ten years. The big number of productions every year has created a high demand for professionals in all areas of a film production: writers, directors, cinematographers, and especially actors.
Languages now is one of that demands, and even now more and more productions look for the actors who can produce the area accents depending on the script. 
The advantage of being fluent in several languages provides actors with opportunities to build their careers on all continents. 
Languages in acting build a professional career of the actor on the advanced level, which gives the opportunity to gain by being part of International film projects.