internationalactors: agent, manager is more than the father, more than the mother, and even more than money!

GALA DALI (Elena Diakonova), Salvador Dali's AGENT, MANAGER and MUSA! 
During his artistic career Salvador Dali acknowledged that he owed his success, fame, and glory to his muse and agent, Gala Dali: "I love Gala more than my father, more than my mother, more than Picasso. And even more than money! Thank you, Gala!"
Elena Diakonova was born in Kazan, in the family of a clerk, and in 1912 the young woman went to a sanatorium in Clavadel (Switzerland) to be treated for tuberculosis. At this time that Elena started to use the pseudonym Gala.
In 1929, when she was 35 years old, Elena met Salvador Dali, who was then 25, and she FELL IN LOVE with the young TALENT. She became his WIFE, the only MODEL for his paintings, his AGENT, MANAGER and PROMOTER.
Gala tirelessly paid newspaper critics and roamed galleries to promote Dali, collected an army of fans, constantly talked about the genius of her beloved husband, and achieved great results.
In the 1930s Dali's paintings would sell out within half an hour of an exhibition opening. The artist himself started to believe in his genius and became the father of surrealism. 
II you change a bit the words of Dali, it could sound as: "Agent, manager is more than the father, more than the mother, And even more than money!" )))