internationalactors: advises from the casting directors to agents: how to send the emails in a right way

ADVISES FROM THE CASTING DIRECTORS TO AGENTS: how to send the emails in a right way. 
Make sure the email is being sent to the address advertised. Make the message simple. And please, please don’t apologise for emailing. No need to write the life story or why you want your actor to act, all is needed is photos, a list of work done, and a link to a reel of any screen work. Make sure your headshot is a true representation of the actor. Selfies should be avoided at all costs.
Any reel of any work, done for screen should be sent as a link to an online reel and not an attachment. And if your actor doesn't have a reel (or is thinking about having one done) please don’t include a montage. Its not important what the actor looks like to music. Main aim is to show how he acts.
A little title of what production the clip is from is also handy.
Don’t email too often. If you email too often it’s not seen as persistence, it becomes an annoyance and spam. Due to the sheer volume received, be ready not to get a reply, prepare your actor not to be disheartened.
Twitter and Instagram, is not the best way to contact, please do not send your actors' reels or invites on social media. If sent on Twitter, it will be amongst the multitude of notifications, then forgotten about. It's also is not possible to file it away for future reference. Instagram is used only to share and look at work related images. 
If you are tweeting Casting Directors on Twitter, it’s worth considering that they may not want to be tagged in images that bare no relevance to them, or tweeted with a large number of people, as there’s a tendency of being indundated with multiple ‘reply alls’.Self tapes are being used much more regularly than before. They are generally used when there is a large number of performers for a role, or if an actor is unable to make it to an audition due to their location or because they’re working on another job.
Please do not send unrequested self tapes.