Moscow (Russia)

Height: 170

Weight: 50

Eyes: Blue

Hair: light brown

Languages: Russian (native), English (spoken)



2007 - 2011

- Theater Institute. Boris Shukin. Masters of Acting (drama / motion pictures)



- «Generation P» feature film. Director V. Ginsburg

- «Platon» feature film. Director V. Akopyan


- «Law and Order» serial. Director G. Nikolaenko. Role: Manager Inna (ser. «Hunger»)


- «Happiness exists» feature film. Director D. Sorokin. Role: Yana

- «There was love» feature film. Director M. Subbotin. Role: Nurse

- «Sklif» serial. Director A. Selivanov. Role: Yana (23d ser., the 4th season)

- «Caramel» serial. Directors F. Farhshatova and U. Bayaliev. Role: The secretary


- «Gold scissors» feature film. Director M. Zhernevsky. Role: Galka

- «Believe me, everything will be fine» feature film. Director M. Brius. Role: Lenka

- «Strawberry Paradise» Director S. Girgel. Role: Irochka

- «Code of honor» serial. Director G. Nikolaenko. Role: Daughter of the general (ser. «Shooter»)

- «Traffic light» serial. Director R. Fokin.

- «Mister Propper» advertisement. Role: Jessica from England


- «Wild» serial. Director A. Mazunov. Role: Nurse

- «Provocateur» serial. Directors V. Smelev and S. Shmelev. Role: Nurse

- «I will be near» feature film. Director P. Ignatov. Role: Allochka

- «Parents» sketchy. Director A. Zhigalkin. Role: Consultant

- «I can not forget you» feature film. Director M. Demchenko. Role: Katya


- «Gulchatai». Director R. Prosvirin. Role: Nurse Sasha

- «Not a pair». Directors V. Smelev and S. Shmelev. Role: The secretary Nechaeva

- «SashaTanya». Directors A. Bogatyrev and A. Gracheva. Role: Friend Lily

- «Moscow. Three train stations» serial. Director Y. Pavlov. Role: Journalist Lisa Nikitina (ser. 9 «Deadly»)

- «Academy» serial. Role: Katya

- «It's only beginning» serial. Role: Worker of the publishing house

- «My dear Daddy». Director I. Shternberg. Role: Marusya

- «Reward» short film. Directors A. Tagushev and M. Sokolskaya. Role: Trainee Nadyusha 2015

- «Beads» serial. Director Zh. Kadnikova. Role: Zhenya (in post production)

- «KFC» advertisement. Scene “Summer menu” - «Friday» feature film. Director E. Shelyakin. Role: Varya 2016

- «Delusion» serial. Director M. Migunova. Role: TV show host