Height: 186

Weight: 86

Eyes: blue

Hair: blond

Languages: Russian (native), English (fluent)




- Moscow Jazz College

- Moscow Art Theater Studio School (MHAT)

- LA - Anthony Meindl's Actor Workshop

LA - Ivana Chubbuck Studio



- Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards. The winner in the nomination: Favourite Russian Actor


-Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards. The winner in the nomination: Favourite Russian Actor

- Golden Gramophone Award. The Best singer

- RU - TV Award. The Best music video

- Dancing and skating with the Stars. (TV show). The winner of the show

- X-Factor. The winner of the show

- Wipe out. Silver medal winner

- National Delphic Games of Art. The winner (Gold medal)

- Russian MTV Music Awards. "Discovery of the year" award

- The Russian Press award. "Music and cinema"


- The voice of Homeland. Winner


- The best of the Best. Winner


- The "silver shoe". Winner


- World Fashion TV Award. The best actor

- "Lets smile Russia" Festival. The best lead role. Film "The Suicidalists"

- Sweden Film Festival KINORURIK XIII. The best actor. The person of the year. The film "Suicidalists"


- "Lets smile Russia" Festival. Best lead role . The film The treasure of Kaban lake"


- Short films Festival in California. The best foreign film (as a director, screenwriter, composer). The film "DAD"

- "The Golden Feniks". The best debute as a director, screenwriter and composer. The film "DAD"



- "UnReal". TV series. "Lifetime Channel". Season 3. Role: Alexi

- "UnReal". TV series "Lifetime Channel". Season 4. Role: Alexi

- "The Vatican Tapes". Thriller. "Lakeshore Entertainment". Role: Dr. Kulik

- "Unstrung". Disney for ABC family. Role: Sergey (second lead role)

- "The body tree". Lead role

- "Sin city: A Dame to Kill for". Role: Star in the bar

- "Ekaterina the great". Role: Duke Poniatovsky. Future King of Poland

- "The Alice's dreams". Romantic comedy. Role: Alex (lead role)

- "Phobos". Feature film. Thriller. Role: Genya (lead role)

- "Moscow.ru". Feature film. Romantic. Role: Vitaly (lead role)

- "The Crack". Feature film. Thriller. Role: Sery (lead role)

- "The second ones". War drama. Role: Karamyshev (lead role)

- "Hello Kinder!". Feature film. Drama. Role: Max (lead role)

- "The half-finished lesson". Feature filme. Romance. Role: Igor (lead role)

- "The Gold of the Scythians". Feature film. Adventure (12 episodes). Role: Gleb (lead role)

- "The Bear's Corner". TV drama. Role: Sergey (lead role)

- "In the woods and on the Mountains". Period drama 1 (24 episodes). Role: Alexey (lead role)

- "Brother and sister". TV drama. Role: Vasya (lead role)

- "Once upon a Time in Rostov". Period drama (32 episodes). Role: Bob (supporting role)

- "Cool guys". TV comedy. Romantic. Role: Antonio (lead role)

- "Scary Lieutenants. Feature film. Comedy. Role: Sima Volan (lead role)

- "The girls". Romantic comedy. (6 seasons). Role: Zvonarev (lead role)

- "Three days of Lieutenant Kravtsov". Feature film. War drama. Role: Kravtsov (lead role)

- "The treasure of Kaban lake". Feature film. Adventure action. Role:Kirill (lead role)

- "The three Musketeers". Feature film. Role: The lord de winter

- "Ludmila". Period drama. Role: Gridin (lead role)

- "The Escapers". Feature film. Action. Role: Mikhail (lead role)